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<TABLE cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" width="100%" border="0"  valign="Top"><td width="40%" rowspan="1">Measurements: 6"W x 3/8"H<br><br>

<B>Need step for a higher door? . . . </B>  <br>Just stack the steps!<br><br>  For a triple step just select AM550SM, AM550MD, AM0550LG.  For a Quadruple Step add AM0550XL.  Each of these steps are 3/4" H.<br><br><br><br>1 Inch Scale, also referred to as 1/12 or 1:12 scale; which means 1 inch equals 1 foot.</td></Span><td width="60%" rowspan="1"><img src="/Assets/images/ALESSIO/AM0550QUADtn.gif" border="0" align="center"></a></P></td></Span></table><br><br>